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Jeff Clark, CEO
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Jeff has been a long time entrepreneur and inventor who Holds a U.S. Utility Patent for his product, The Visor Cap. This product was the seminal piece of his headwear company, Crown Athletics, created in 1997, which sold NCAA licensed headwear (holding over 30 licenses of division 1 schools) directly to campus bookstores. The Visor Cap has been successfully licensed to a number of large domestic and international headwear companies, as well as NBA teams, all which led to licensing deals with notable companies, such as Walt Disney, and Bass Pro Shops. 
A graduate of the University of California at Davis in 1995, Jeff continues to challenge himself by pursuing new ventures in new emerging markets. The development of the MEedia app could be his most promising endeavor to date and is a serious candidate to change the way media press conferences are conducted.


William has more than 20 years experience in government relations, public relations, media and nonprofit organizations. William has a clear understanding of how corporations attempt to utilize public relations and "cause marketing" to help influence public opinion. William is part of the team that created the historic "We Are Doc McStuffins" campaign by Artemis Medical Society. The sophisticated campaign that aims at promoting STEM opportunities for young women has received international recognition including Honorable Mention designation by PR News in the category of Best Advocacy Campaign and was selected by PR News as a finalist for the PR News Non Profit PR Awards in the category of Social Responsibility.

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Born to a large immigrant family, hard work was drilled into our values. When my family got its first computer, I fell in love with tech so quickly, working hard on projects that would never see the light of day. But that was okay, because I knew I was working hard on sharpening my skills. Since then, technology has always been the center of my day to day. Whether I was unlocking/jail breaking iPhones on Craigslist as a kid, creating clients for the classic RuneScape game, or replacing parts on my electronic hardware. I have always been working hard in tech. All which has lead me to my career in software this past decade. Today I’m a father first, but the passion to innovate & create has only increased many folds.


Brian is the founding partner and Creative Director of Joint Medias, Inc.  Having lived and worked in Sacramento area for more than 35 years.  Brian possess a true passion for his community, neighbors, and area businesses. Previsouly, Brian worked as an Art Director at Ups Advertising, a California-based advertising agency, where he assisted in the creative direction for major accounts such as Toyota, Pacific Bell, Sacramento Kings, and CBS Radio. With over 21 years of creative experience, Brian brings extensive expertise to all phases of any graphic design or web development project, including significant print and production experience. Since founding Joint Medias, Inc. in 2006, Brian has won multiple awards for his graphic design and web-based development work.

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