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The latest projects by MEedia Technologies

Address the world with the first ever mobile press conference app.


The MEedia App is a social media app that allows users to create unique content that they can share with the world. Users create their own Mobile Press Conferences (MPCs) and can share that content in the MEedia App platform and instantly across other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

This gives the MEedia App and its user an easy one stop source to create compelling and interactive content for all their social media accounts. 

Unlike other social media platforms, users of the MEedia App can receive prercorded questions from other users and answer them in their own MPCs. These Q&A interactions create unique and compelling content not seen on any other social media platform or app. MEedia Technologies holds the patents on this unique technology ensuring that this platform will maintain its unique qualities in the future. 

The Q&A function also allows proven content creators and online influencers the ability to engage their followers and fans at their convenience. This feature ensures usability and offers a new option in the social media ecosystem to improve interactions with followers.

Additionally, the Q&A system built into the MEedia App also has a monetary compontent to allow content creators to create new sources of revenue. Questions from followers can be associated with the in app currency and content creators can choose which questions to answer and accept payment for. The power of time flexibility in responding to followers questions and receiving revenue for those questions make the MEedia App a new powerful tool for online influencers. 

The MEedia App also allows for collaboration between content creators and sponsors. Background can be created that feature the brand logo of the content creator and their sponsors. This ensures that content creators and sponors can maximize all marketing agreements and ensure that their brand reaches followers on all content created and shared across all social media platforms. 

The MEedia App will allow all users to expand their content creation easily and create new revenue possibilities that have not be easily accessible to everyone.

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